Buddy`s Other Puppies
Buddy and Molly`s puppies

Lance A. and family came from Hamilton,  Va. to pick up their Boykin. "Ruby" will have lots to learn when she gets home.

Dave T. from Madison  Heights, Va. made the trip for his little Boykin. This little female [Nikki] will grow fast and strong while being trained in Va.

Ceil and Bart and family came from Flanders, N.J. to pick up their new Boykin. This little female [Echo] won their hearts without any problem.

Lorraine, Dave, and family picked out this chocolate male. They are from 84 ,Pa. and will be enjoying "Pistol" for many years to come.

A long overnight drive from Grand Rapids, Mich. got this little Boykin a new home. "Bailey" will be ready to play every chance she gets.

This is the only pup from his litter to go to N.Y. Don C. has hunting plans already made when he gets his little male Boykin back home to Wellsville.

Ted M. is from Cambridge, Ohio. After hunting over other dogs to long Ted found the answer. His next trip "out west" for pheasants will be with his own Boykin [Joey] in training.

This is Hannah with her new owner. Joe R. and family will be playing and hunting with her around Erie, Pa.

Murphy went home to the Buffalo, N.Y. area . Lisa and family will be trying to keep up in weeks to come.

Some folks aren`t interested in appearing on the "net". We can respect that, just glad they allowed the photo of the newest Boykin in White Oak, Pa.

This complete looking family live near Cleveland, Ohio. Greg S. and family are going to have a great time with their new Boykin.

Hank is another Boykin that went home near Cleveland , Ohio. Seen here with Hattie, his new owner.

This little one went home with Chuck W. near Wexford, Pa.

Dave W. of Middlefield. Ohio owns Max [on left] and now Molly. Looks like Molly learns fast.

This is Denise H. and her family with their two new Boykin puppies.The new pups [Hershey and Carly] will soon be seen running around the back yard near Bedminster, N.J.

"Jackson"  went home with these folks from Zelinople, Pa.

This family came down from near Canton, Mich. to pick up their new pup." Nemo" is his new name and I`m sure he will keep both kids busy.

Mark came from Madison, N.J. to get "Cooper"

Roger and Pam live in Sarver, Pa. "Grizzly" is well into his retriever training one week after he went to his new home.

John T. is from Arlington, Va. Tricia and John are very pleased with "Bailey"

This little female is at the airport on her way to Ozark, Missouri. Kim and Nick will pick her up at their end and decide on her new name.

 Buddy and Coco`s puppies

This little one`s new name is Molly [just like her aunt]. Kurt and Trica K. and family got to know two pups from another of our litters that live in their area and decided that a Boykin was the breed for them . The word is spreading in Basking Ridge, N.J.

Bill T. is from Waretown, N.J. brought pheasant wings to test the puppies before his pick. He still had a hard pick to make when the whole litter went after the wings like football players after a loss ball. Lady Bridgett of Bay Haven was the Boykin finally picked.

After a snow storm slowed down his arrival Chris D. from Marinette, Wi. picked up Chance. The trip was well worth it . Chance will make a great bird dog in the fields and forests of Wi. I`m sure.


Chip and Jody were so pleased with the pup they got from us last year they had to get a playmate. This little female will now be trained by July , their other Boykin. They all live near Monaca, Pa.

This is Cas and mom Katy. They picked up "Daisy" and took her back home to Lexington, Ky.

Mike and Cynthia are from Pittsburgh, Pa. There were two males available at the time and picking "Zane" was a hard pick.

This little guy was picked up by this big guy [Randy] and will also have a new home in Pittsburgh, Pa.

Buddy and Angel`s puppies

This is Sharon with her new Boykin. Mocha owes her new home to friends of ours that got a Boykin from us two years ago. They put Rick and Sharon in touch with us and Sharon then came to take Mocha back home near Cresco, Pa.

This is  Chris C. from Arkon, Ohio. He picked up his new male Boykin pup and is still working on a name. Training begins as soon as they get home. After being to late on a previous litter Chris was on time for this pup.

Other pups from this litter will be added if photos become available

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