Boykin Spaniels listed in the North East Region of the US

This is Coco. She is at home near Kittanning, Pa. with Buddy and Tawney ,the two Boykins that inspired this web-site. Coco loves to play and retrieve. She is an active little Boykin that is very friendly and is a joy to own.


Meet Molly. She is Coco`s litter-mate and also found a home near Kittanning,Pa. Rob and Deb S. are Molly`s owners. Molly gets her exercise playing fetch and running around the property with Rob`s Springer and Husky. Rob says, " When she gets into the woods near home she always returns with something, even if it`s just a stick. She loves to explore."


Holly is 5years-old. She is a family dog from Maryland. Little, 15month-old, Danielle is Holly`s best friend. Her owners, Evan and Ronda, say they fell in love with Holly at 1st sight. “ Holly is patient and gentle with Danielle, we couldn`t have asked for a better dog.”


This is Bubba. He is 4years old and weighs about 40lbs. Bubba is owned by Mike M. and lives south of Buffalo, New York. He was easy to train and never misses a chance to go hunting.


Yes, Boykins retrieve pheasants. Both Boykin’s owned by Ted S of New Jersey get hunting time in as often as time permits. They have hunted ducks, pheasants, quail, and even rabbits. Ted owns a farm near Oneonta, N. Y. where Whiskey [his female] and Jerry get to hunt and swim. Ted believes Boykins are great dogs to have in the family.


This beautiful Boykin belongs to Ken S. of N.J. Allie is seen here wearing her new National Abilities Test ribbon She received her ribbon at Buffalo, S.C. this year at the Boykin Trials. I`m sure Ken is very proud, I`m sure I would be .


Jim C. of Chicora, Pa. owns "Molly". She loves to swim and will retrieve all day. Molly is 3years old. Noah`s Little Molly is her full name and Noah, Jim`s son, and Molly are great play-mates of about the same age. She will retrieve for Noah but he can`t throw as far as his dad. Another fine example of dogs and kids.


This is Katy (Katama). Sadly, she was killed by a car on 5/12/01 while doing one of the things Boykins do best, playing "fetch" with her Mom. She was only 20 months old but it was 20 months every dog deserves--playing, exploring,learning,and loving. Smart, pretty, friendly, fun-loving and inquisitive are only a few of the ways Deb B. describes Katy. Losing our loved ones, ,human or not, is the part of life we can never get used to.She may no longer be trotting along by Deb`s side but she goes with her forever in her heart.


This  is Max. He is owned by David and Marriane W. from Middlefield, Ohio. Max is showing us his ribbon from the Boykin Spaniel Trials [2002] David has a best friend and a fine Boykin to be proud

This Boykin lives near Pittsburgh. Kaycee looks very pretty sitting next to those flowers but you have to wonder what`s going through that Boykin brain.

This is Elvis doing what Elvis does best. He lives with two other Boykins near Irving, N.Y. He loves to hunt and geese are one of his favorite retrieves.

This is Belle. She lives with Elvis near Irving , N.Y.

This is Angel. She also lives near Pittsburgh, Pa. Donna and Jim [Angels` owners] just doubled their Boykins by keeping one of Angel`s puppies. I`m sure Angel will teach the little one all her tricks very quickly.




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