Boykin Spaniel History

In 1977 the Boykin Spaniel Society was formed. Two years later 677 Boykins were accepted as Foundation Stock to promote the breed.
All Boykin Spaniels since have come from those first 677 dogs. The breed originated from a spaniel type stray trained by "Whit" Boykin around 1910 near Camden South Carolina. In those first 70 or so years the breed was mixed with other great hunting dogs such as the English Springer Spaniel, the Cocker Spaniel, the American Water Spaniel, and the Chesapeake Bay Retriever.  In those days the dogs were bred and trained for hunting ducks and turkeys around the Wateree  River area in South Carolina.

After 1979 the breed slowly grew to its total today of around 16,000 dogs. Boykins are all over US and many other countries as well. They have spread into the hearts of sportsmen as water fowl retrievers and dove dogs and expanded onto pheasant cover and wood lots for grouse and turkey. These high energy little beauties are also filling homes as personal companions and playmates for the kids. As the interest in this wonderful dog grows, we hope this Web Site helps people in and around PA answer questions and promote our little brown friend in this area.

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