This Page contains Boykins from Tawney and Buddy's previous litters.

These new Boykins are from Tawney and Buddy`s litter.

(Jake)This little one belongs to Chris K. from Jeannette, Pa. Jake is already learning fast and will grow into his place in the family quickly.

(Tucker) Matthew B. came from Arlington, Va. to pick up Tucker. Even as this photo was being taken Tucker looks at home with his new owner.
(Ranger) Randy K. saw a Boykin at a sportsman`s club and started checking into the breed. He ended up getting Ranger and took him home to Springfield, Ohio. 

(Jack)Don B. and family are from Waterford, Pa. Jack will surely keep everyone busy in their household for many years to come. 

(Hank) Donald and Charotte B. live in Colorado Springs, Colo. Hank had a long flight to get there but get there he did. I`m sure he`ll take little time to catch up on his rest before he starts exploring his new mountain home.

(Libby) David and Cheryle S. are Libby`s new owners. This photo was taken on a cold morning at the airport waiting for her flight to her new home in Elk Grove, Ca.

(Heidi) Pat and Susan J. live in Brick, N.J. Heidi is staying with her sire and dam untill Pat and Susan have completed their vacation. She will go home near the end of April and I`m sure everyone is counting the days untill they get to take her home. 
(             )Kim T. was waiting at the airport for this little bundle of energy. Still not decided on a name at the time this was done we are sure this little guy is getting all the love he needs in Hanahan, S.C. at his new home.

The Boykins listed below are from other litters of Buddy and Tawney

(July)Chip and Jody K. are
the proud new owners of July in Monaca. Pa. A friend in college had introduced them to Boykin`s years ago and they now have their own little brown bundle of energy. Chip has July retrieving after two days and  plans for a hunting buddy and a family companion are well on the way.

(Lash)There is a new Boykin in Hancock`s Bridge, N.J. This little fellows` full name is "U.S. William Lasher Back". Carl A. decided the name would send a message while Bonnie A. thinks his eyelashes are the longest she has every seen. With marshes just outside the back door of his new home I`ll bet the local ducks will get to know his name too.

(Chappy)This  photo is of Deb B. and her mom picking up Chappy. The photo on the right is Chappy at 4months on graduation day of puppy school. Chappy lives in N.J. Deb says he is a tricky little guy that has already mastered that "innocent" look.

(Baylee)Michel and Chip C. went home with Baylee on 8/25/01.Her new owners are in for a fine time with their new Boykin. Baylee will be living in Pittsburgh, Pa.with her new family.

(Joe) Lynne C. has four children waiting to play with Joe as soon as he gets home. It will be a long drive home to Hilliard, Ohio and Joe will probably sleep most of the way so he will be ready to play when he gets there.

(Molly) Short for Shaman`s Molasses, Molly went home with Bill and Sue B. to Canton, Ohio. Sue plans on having a great companion but Bill can already see the lost game being found and retrieved to hand. This is their 1st Boykin , I`m sure they will not be disappointed.

(Maggie) John and Audrey C. of Latrobe, Pa. will be raising this little female. She has to much white to be registered but that didn`t stop her from winning a place in this home. John plans to hunt ducks from his canoe with his Boykin. Sounds like a "Boykin beginning" all over again.


(Shadow) Bob and Vivian D.of Cresco, Pa. picked this male from the litter. This is their 2nd Boykin.They were not to surprised to have him fetching balls and duck wings with-in one week of getting him home.

(Lully)From Williamsport, Pa. this family had a name picked out before they got home. It was a 300 mile discussion but George and Naomi N. and their 3 children worked it out. The children had their Boykin sitting on command in about a week. Field training and obedience school are planned.

(Java) Bill and Cindy M. ,from Evansville,Wi.,sent me this updated photo of Java at 5 months old."He is the "king" of the house and will soon have the whole family trained to his way of thinking."Bill says. Java is being trained on birds and is in obedience school.

(BAILEY) Bill and Barbara S. live near Pittsburgh, Pa. This is their 1st Boykin and Bill plans on a hunting companion while Barbara is looking towards a family pet. We hope they both get what they want out of this little guy. He looks good in both collars.



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